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Increase java memory

HI we are using 3.9.3,

somtimes user is showing offline, but user in online, even i am unable to see him in group and offline users group

what is issue and solution

how to increase java memory for 3.9.3

VMoption is not working

Do you mean vmoptions file is not giving additional memory or additional memory doesn’t help? What operating system, what exactly vmoptions file do you create and where do you put it? What’s in the vmoptions file and what you see on the start page of Admin Console?

i am using windows 2003, i have created vmoptions but it is not giving extra memory

before creating it i have 247Mb and after creating same memory running

can you share details

i have created vmoptions under bin directory

with fallowing details



If you are using it with a launcher, you should create openfire.vmoptions file. If you are using it as a service - openfire-service.vmoptions.

Important! This shouldn’t be openfire.vmoptions.txt It must be of the extension vmoptions. You can do it while saving in Notepad and specifying the name of the file in quotes: “openfire.vmoptions”.

When it works it should show around 900 MB of free JVM memory.


Thanks for your Replay

first of all i am using 3.9.3 and i am using with launcher

but it is not working

i will share with screen shots

can you share full procedure

i will try once again

and i am facing another issue

some xyz person is online, but it is not showing in group and not showing in offline users

after spark logout and login, i can see him in Group

what is the issue

There is no full procedure other than i have just posted. You stop Openfire, create a file in openfire/bin, start Openfire.

I can’t say anything about the issues themselves. They are vague and i haven’t experienced this myself, can’t imagine what is causing them.

but it is not working,

can i share screen shots of it

created file under openfire/bin with “openfire.vmoptions”



but VM size still 247MB

HI Wroot

thanks for your replay it is working

file name is openfired.vmoptions

Yep, i forgot that launcher is using openfired.exe, not openfire.exe. This is mentioned in the Openfire: Installation Guide