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Increase memory for Openfire

I have read some things about increasing memory available to Openfire, and figured out that I just need to add the RAM available to JVM.

Now this seemd like a easy thing to fix, but Im having some difficulties figuring out how to do it.

I am running on Win2008 server and I use the jre that follows the openfire installation.

I have read that I need to send the amount of RAM as a argument when I start openfire from the java consol.

But since I start the exe I am unsure as to where I can do this.

Is using the jre that shipps with openfire is ok? How many online users will an openfire tackle with 2 GB RAM on a 2,4 GHz dualcore machine?

Help would be appreciated.


To see how to configure the Openfire’s memory take a look at the “Custom Parameters” section of the Openfire Installation Guide. And to get an idea of the number of users you can support on your machine take a look at the Openfire Requirements document.

Hope that helps,

Custom Parameters

Advanced users may wish to pass in parameters to the Java virtual machine (VM) to customize the runtime environment of Openfire. You can do this by creating vmoptions files in the bin/ directory of your Openfire installation. For the Windows service, you’d create a new text file called openfire-service.vmoptions. Each parameter to the VM should be on a new line of the file. For example, to set the minimum heap size to 512 MB and max VM heap size to 1024 MB, you’d use:


To create parameters for the normal launcher, create a file called openfired.vmoptions (since the openfire.exe launcher invokes the openfired.exe executable to actually start the server).

sample file attached for openfire running as a windows service.
openfire-service.vmoptions (20 Bytes)

Man that worked excellent!!! Very nice. Thanks alot for your help.

Yes nice link. Just what I was looking for. Thanks alot!


please try RTFM and the search function the next time you have a question.


So thats why you have 5,298 posts

I have read alot of different info on scalability and this link was very helpful and really helped me alot. The same with the one below.

I dont force anyone to answer or help me, but when they take the time I am grateful.

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