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Increasing Java Memory

Hi All,

First, i would like to congratulate the team for making openfire a great server application for xmpp.

Im just a newbie and have successfully installed openfire in ubuntu linux. Users in my organization is starting to register and is populating the server which is very neat especially with the registration plugin. pre-populating groups rocks!

Now my dillema is with that JAVA Memory showing in the server information page. Im just new to linux and java but I want to increase the JAVA memory. right now its java memory used is half now: 39.15 MB of 63.31 MB (61.8%) use.

Ive been searhing the forum and found some articles the describes how to increase the java memory but i can’t seem to understand what file should i edit (im just a newbie sorry…).

Can anyone provide me a step by step tutorial on how to increase the java memory besides the article i already seen here and at google. im not using .tar.gz. package of 3.6.2.

All inputs will be highly appreciated!

any help here?

I know this has been discussed in the forums previously. Did you search? You need to modify your startup script to increase java mem.

thanks for the link todd! java memory increased! i love openfire! thanks again!