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Initial Set up of Openfire

I am a new user, I installed Openfire on a server in my DMZ. I was able to add a user and am trying to log in as that user on my PC using jabber.com client. It gives no error but does not log in. Fearing it may be a firewall issue, I tried installling the client on the server running Openfire and used localhost as the server name.

The same thing happens, no login and no error. Am I missing something? The only errror listed is

2007.11.08 11:48:23 Packet sent to unreachable address

<iq id=“vcard_371” type=“get” to=“bob@localhost/Jabber Instant Messenger” from=“bob@localhost/Jabber Instant Messenger”>

<query xmlns=“vcard-temp”/>




You can not name the server localhost. That name always refers to the machine you are currently on. You must use the FQDN of the server as it is found in DNS (i.e. chatserver.somedomain.com).