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Initial settings - server and client... help!


i am not sure if this question has been posted before, i tried to search but i could not find it.

i just set up Jive Messenger server in my windows 2003 standard server at home, i created the SQL database and populated the settings correctly, at least i think so, since it is running with out any error messages and have logged in to the admin control pannel to make changes and it is so far error free.

my question is this… once i have the server running, how do i get poeple to use it? what client do you recommend that will work with Jive Messenger?

please advice and thanks in advanced.


There are MANY!

A good list is at


Most people like Psi or Exodus (or so I hear).

Or you can try mult-protocol ones such as

Miranda - www.miranda-im.org

Gaim - gaim.sourceforge.net

Trillian (payware for getting jabber/other parts)

Enjoy the hunt!

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