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Initializing the database manually


I install JM 2.2.0 in linux suse 9.3 ,th plugin of the asterisk no working. is this message

The Asterisk plugin was not able to succesfully initialize the database. Please see the documentation on initializing the database manually.

what is teh problem?


Asterisk-IM by default will try to setup its database tables itself.

It will try to install a phoneUser and phoneDevice table.

The messenger database user must have privileges to install these tables.

I have tested this functionality on PostgreSQL and MySQL. Though it should work on every database supported by Jive Messenger.

If Asterisk-IM is unable to add the tables, it will print out an error message saying that you must manually install these tables.

One thing left I need to add to subversion is the database scripts so that users can manually add the database tables if they want to. I will do this in the near future, and sooner if people really need it

Which database are you using?

I’‘m using the embedded database and can’‘t get asterisk-im to work, it logged in to the asterisk server but it seems to do nothing, I think that’'s because of not having the databse.

how can I create the tables by hand with the embedded database?


I have the same problem with the embedded database. So any suggestions?

I am looking into this.

I will try to figure out why it isn’'t updating the embedded db, and see if there is a way to do this manually.

I had the same problem using the embedded database.

I will hopefully have a resolution today.

This had been fixed and the changes are in subversion.