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Install hangs on Windows 2000

When I try to install the Wildfire server (on a Windows 2000 box) it hangs at the “Preparing to install” window. When I look at the task manager while in this hung state, I see that cygrunsrv and CSRSS, together, account for 100% of the CPU usage. Even after closing the install, these two services continue to keep the CPU 100% busy.

Has anyone, besides me, experienced this behavior?

I am running COPSSH (OpenSSH) which uses a partial cygwin installation. Since cygrunsrv is a cygwin file, it appears that the Wildfire Server install is conflicting with cygwin?



Hi David,

I did not try to install Wildfire on a W2k Server but I know that a cygwin+openssh 100% CPU problem exists which may be triggered by third-party programs. I think a fix for this is available, either as a cygwin or openssh update.



Thanks for the help! You were right!

I was able to get Wildfire installed by stopping the cygrunsrv service. When I did that, another cygwin service took its place and again ran the CPU to 100%, so I stopped that service. This continued until I stopped all cygwin services. At that point the Wildfire install went to completion (I think I had to restart it once after stopping one of the services.) Once installed, I rebooted to get cygwin back and now all is operating as expected.

I did some research on the 100% CPU cygwin problem and it appears that it can be triggered by many different applications. Therefore, I will likely see the problem again if I try to do something new on this PC. Unfortunately, I wasn’'t able to find any indication that the problem has been fixed.