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Install JM, then Gush - can''t connect even on same PC?

Hey folks,

First post - hopefully, not the last. I’‘m installing an IM server for the company, and Jive Messenger looks great. But I can’'t connecft to it to save my life.

I’'ve installed JM 2.2.0 on a Windows Server 2003 box inside the network, and set up a new user. Then, I install Gush and Pandion, and try to set up a connection to it. Nothing. It times out or gives me something like “server address will not resolve” - even though I entered an IP address.

So, as an experiment, I install both products on my own XP laptop, and point Gush to, port 5222. Nothing. I can get to the admin page - it seems to be running fine. I’'m running Java 1.50 update 4. Windows Firewall is disabled.

What the heck am I doing wrong? The fate of an entire company rests in your hands!

Thanks in advance,

John @ TurboChef

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Just to be sure. How exactly are you adding the user? Dont remember how it looks in Pandion or Gush. In Exodus i put this in JID field: username@

After @ you should put your server’‘s IP or name if it’'s resolvable. Good luck.

OK, I’'m definitely a newbie at this…

I created a user john.doe, and was trying to login as john.doe, stupidly thinking that when it asks for username, you type in username.

john.doe@ worked fine. Thanks for the quick reply.

John @ TurboChef