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Install openfire3.3.3

I install openfire3.3.3, on RHEL4 to enter todispose all am smooth,

The customer end also may normally register, after but again opens themachine to enter once more

After is not appears lands the contactsurface but

installs the page, what is happening? Repeatedly severalall are so,

trades a machine also is so, please advises, thanks!

Hey jsjzhang,

I would say that the user that is running the server does not have write permission on the conf/openfire.xml file. The server needs to update that file to indicate that the setup has been done and store some information. Moreover, I would recommend giving read-write permission to the user running Openfire to all the files and folders where Openfire was installed.


– Gato

Hey domblak_gaston,

many thanks!

Thank once more, the reason had found, I therefore have this

situationam because again opens or closes the machine-hour not normally

toclose the openfire service, if normally closes cannot have

thisproblem, did not know this is the question is at, in here also saw

toa friend and my similar situation, some people answered said is

change the <setup>true</setup>in the openfire.xml to false

Hey jsjzhang,

Changing setup to false in conf/openfire.xml and restarting the server is used as a way to rerun the setup wizard that appears when you first install the server. I don’t think that is your problem here.


– Gato

Hey dombiak_gaston,

I now have completed the installation, and have not changed setup to false in conf / openfire.xml ,But as long as I am before the shutdown or restart with "serivce

openfire stop" stop services, we do not expect any problem,

If not “service openfire stop” Problems will emerge,

which is why?



Who knew how this question is a matter?

Many thanks!



Hey Everyone?

Once again, mistakes occurred, the reasons for the shutdown time, I

forget the manual stop openfire services so that I do not understand is

why each machine or restart the machine, must be closed manually stop


Is there any good way to openfire services in each machine or restart the machine shut down automatically before closing