Install problem msn transport into wildfire

hi all,

I am with a problem in wildfire to use with msn transport pymsnt I made the configuration as low but parameter jid I am not very clearly, at last I configured as below and I qualified in the server wildfire to use external components, the problem is of inside of the console of wildfire appears the connected external component but in any customer as neos, spark, psi, it does not list msn transport, somebody could help me grateful.

Detail: wildfire and pymsnt is running in the same machine.

Start file config.xml pymsnt -

Finish file config.xml pymsnt -

This is actually the forum for the IM Gateway plugin for Wildfire itself, not for general help with transports. I would recommend posting this question either in the Wildfire Support forum, or at, which is the direct list for the PyMSNt (as well as all the other Py*t family members).

That said, the jid parameter in pymsnt’‘s config file ought to be a subdomain of your jabber server’‘s primary domain. So if your jabber server is, you might use Typically it’'s also helpful to have the domain be resolvable by DNS.

I also noticed that you have your spooldir set to /msn. Just to make sure, you want your msn spool to be in the root of your file system? (that is literally the fully qualified path to where the spool would be stored)