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Install Support Please

I have a fresh WIndows Server 2003

Installed MySQL 5

Created database called wildfire

Go to install Wildfire 5.2 and get the following error when I click on the exe:

"An error occured:

java.lang.InternalError: java.io.IOException: Stream Closed

What can I do?

i haven’‘t installed on windows in a long, long time and i don’'t know what the exe is doing but it might be trying to verify there is a compatible jdk installed - make sure your jdk is of the 1.5 variety.

running “java -version” will tell you which java the system is picking up.

Hi Chuck,

do you have a problem to install the wildfire_2_5_1.exe file? Maybe it got corrupted during download, you may download it again or try the .zip file if you have a SUN 1.5_06 JDK installed.