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Install user mapping No users were found using the specified configuration

I’m attempting to install openfire via the web installer on a windows 2003 server/IE7 and have not been able to get past the cited error message. I have scoured the internet extensivley yet have not found a solution

My AD structure is very simple


I’ve tried commas and semicolons since both are used interchangably with the documentation I’ve found online

I have no idea what’s going on with this failure

I have 3 jabber servers up and running on RHE5, the following entry is an example of what’s working on the ejabberd boxes

ldap_base, “ou=ejabber_user,dc=overture2,dc=com”

I am totally lost regarding the user filter I want to see all of the users in the ou=OPENFIRE_USERS what kind of filter? What is the syntax of the filter?

Last, do I have to configure the profile fields? Are the values MSFT AD or are they a variant?

Is there any clear, conscise documentation that explains all of this?

Thank You,

Frustrated installer