Install Wildfire on Windows XP

I have installed Wildfire on windows xp successfully.

When I use clients on different machines to log in and try to add contacts, all the contacts seem offline and I can’'t send messages. However, in the admin page, I can see the contacts are online.

Did anybody meet the same problem?

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Lord Elwin,

My bet is that you’‘re not using the server name properly in the contacts. When you setup Wildfire, you have to set a server name. You’‘ll find the value as “Server Name” on the Server Settings page when you first login to the admin console. Since you’‘ve installed on a Windows XP box, I’‘m guessing that you used the machine name as the server name. Let’‘s say it’‘s “hera”. In that case, you need to add contacts in the form joe@hera or sally@hera. If you don’‘t include the proper server name then Wildfire will think you’'re trying to add a contact on another server instead of the local server.

Another suggestion that may be even easier – organize your contacts into groups and then share those groups (you’‘ll see the option in the admin console). That will make the groups show up automatically in people’'s rosters.



Dear matt,

You are right, i just add a contact without the server name. As a newbie to jabber, i just made a stupid mistake.

Thank you for your help.