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Installation help: Home not found

I get this error after starting the wildfire service on my linux box, browsing to the admin console i get all green ticks but not for the last one:

Home not found. Define system property “wildfireHome” or create and add the wildfire_init.xml file to the classpath

The install doc doesn’'t explain anything about defining wildfireHome, not sure what i need to do. Any help would be great.



if you are experiencing this problem during the first configuration, then you want to enable cookies in your browser.


Cheers for that, i fixed it found the details in another post, i hadn’'t chowned to jive.jive a number of files that was the problem.


What files did you chown?

I successfully installed Wildfire and was using it along with the admin console 9090.

When I restarted the wifi server, I am now getting the same error. I allow cookies so that is not an issue.



WifiHome should be in /opt or /usr/local. So if it is running as user jive it must be able to write the conf/wildfire.xml file. If you did a RPM installation this file may be owned by root.



I had initially installed and started[/b] wildfire as root. When I restarted, I started wildfire as myself.


I will set this up as a service.