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Installation of OpenFire 3.9.0 - XMPP Client LDAP authentication fails after update

Hi all,

firstly, great work thus far on this project! really exciting stuff!

I had openfire 3.8.2 up and running on an Ubuntu host and so decided to play around with the new VideoBridge plugin.

I cloned what I had (for backup/restore) and then proceeded to upgrade to the latest nightly deb build (31st January 2014) + Plgin nightly.

Openfire seems to be workign grand with the excpetion that sicne hte upgrade to 3.9.0, my Spark client can no longer authenticate successfully. now, I have the authentication tied into Active Directory and so Openfire will not allow me to manually create a stand alone user to test if this would work.

logging int othe OpenFire Admin port, which uses LDAP / Active Directory authentication works perfvectly… I can login fine, which means that the LDAP integration still works.

odd thing I did notice is that even though Spark reports that authentication failed, I can see the session from this client on my sessions log from within the admin console but it reprots as being “Offline”…

Very odd…

the only event logged in debug is this event:

2014.02.03 14:45:53 ssl - status 6c3aa5[SSLEngine[hostname= port=63079] TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA] NOT_HANDSHAKING

Wondering if anyone else has experienced the same issues with LDAP integrated setups on 3.9.0?



There could be a problem with the nightly builds. See this discussion

It is still being investigated. I suggest you download the source and build from source. You only have to replace the lib and plugins/admin folders

Hi Dele,

Thanks for your reply and info. I’ll build it from source and see how I get on.