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Installation problems

I’m building a web application using the google wave protocol and integrating it with popular content management system joomla… I’m having problems while setting up Google wave because I couldn’t install open fire successfully on my local machine… I wanted to install the open fire real time server on my laptop which has the windows Vista OS. but I do not know what do I put in when it asks me the domain… I tried putting in localhost and contiued the installation process . then came the page where we have to specify login credentials where it specifically asks me to put in an email. I punched in admin@localhost and gave a password.The installation was succesfull… but it says that I cannot login to my id… even though I put in the required username … i cannot understand what I must do… Please help as soon as possible…

After you have completed the setup, do not push Login. First restart Openfire and then try to login with username admin and your password. It’s a bug.

The username is just admin (not the email address you supplied). Use the password you entered.