Installation Procedure for Amazon EC2

I’ve just shared a step-by-step installation procedure for OpenFire on a standard Amazon LINUX AMI, but couldn’t add a description to the document.

This is a detailed step-by-step procedure with very little required familiarity with EC2 or LINUX command prompts. It includes optional steps for creating and using a MySQL Database on the same EC2 instance.

The installation steps are detailed for a standard Amazon LINUX AMI and will probably not work on other Amazon instance types.

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I can’t access you document, please allow me to access.

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Thanks for sharing. May I have the access to your document? Thanks.

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I cant accessyour document please share me the doc…

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Same problem,

Cant access the document.

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I can´t access to the document either, could you please share the document ??


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Did anyone ever get this document?

Seems like an EC2 Linux tutotrial would be very handy.

I can´t access to the document either, could you please share the document ?? [2]

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Can I get acces to your document?


Hi Bob,

Can I get acces to your document as well?


maybe i’m missing something here, but wouldn’t setting up Openfire in the “cloud” be the same as setting it up on any Linux server? EC2 instances are just virtualized Linux servers…

That’s not to mention how expensive it will be to use EC2 as an always-on server compared to other VPS providers such as, etc…/. EC2 was more-or-less designed for temporary or overflow instances, not permanent primary servers (although some people use them as such).

Hello Everyone!

I did create this discussion sometime ago “How to setup OpenFire on a Amazon Web Server EC2” ( and Jason (Thank you again Jason ) provide a really good answer about this question, and I did the OpenFire setup on a EC2 server. The document in this post was not needed.

I hope Jason answer helps you too.

Good luck.

Hi i am unable to gte access to document …

Cannot access this document.

There is simply no document, that’s why it is not accessible. Usually deleted documents are still shown in the Administration console and can be Undeleted, but i don’t see DOC-2212 in the system. It’s gone.