Installed 2.8.2 Lost Advanced Link and Preferences

I installed 2.8.2, after doing so I got the Certificates error, went into Advanced and set to Accept all.

I was then in, but noticed, I have no Preferences link, and no way to close/logout of Spark. I killed the service with task manager and notice I have no Advanced Link anymore. The only option I have is Login.

So I lost, Advanced, Preferences, and the ability to close or logout.

Ideas? I don’t see anything in that looks like it would control these.

I ended up downgrading to 2.8.0 and got my menus back.

I’m guessing our Admin has to upgrade something on the server side before I can give our users 2.8.2 ? or there is some weird new feature in 2.8.2 that locks those down.

You are guessing right. From the Spark 2.8.2 Released

Those who are using Client Control plugin will have to update it to version 2.1.0 as Spark 2.8.2 is already modified to work with that version and it will miss many menus and checkboxes if being used with an older version of that plugin. 2.1.0 version requires Openfire 4.0.0 at least. If you are using older version of Openfire and want to keep using Client Control, you might want to hold of updating to Spark 2.8.2.