Installer.izpack.exe WindowsError: [Error 193] %1 invalid Win32

I want to use ‘installer.izpack.exe’ of build.xml to create spark exe from source code. Until ‘installer.izpack’ target, it works well. But when I ant installer.izpack.exe target, it happens error.



Windows XP SP3


IzPack 4.3.4

Attached screenshot.



Sorry but no one really followed the izinstaller route in the development.

I noticed that you left launch4j off of your Environment list. Do you have launch4j installed?

I just verified it builds as expected on mine. I used izpack for a while before switching to innosetup which uses a windows based installer.

Using Izpack to create an installer with Ant

Hi George,

two questions about this: Is you innosetup document still accurate? And the second one: Did you manage to get the grouping of Spark windows in the Windows task bar correct? As far as I was able to manage, the l4j launcher is using the Spark icon, but if I have more than three Spark windows open and Window grouping activated in WIndows, the icon changes to default Java after grouping.


Actually it is a bit out of date, but should be functional. I have fixed a few other things since then, such as adding an option to remove the previous settings and to check for an existing spark application folder before install. I will update it when I return to work. I have not had any problems with launch4j as far as the icons go. I regularly have multiple windows open, but I have the setting to group them in one chat frame so I only ever see one icon. If there is a problem with multiple windows on innosetup in Win7 or XP I have not run accross it yet in our department. I will say that we did have some problems with plugins (roar) that I had to turn off by default, but I’m not sure this has anything to do with the installer.

I have updated my iss file for innosetup. I also tried to reproduce the multiple window/icon error but could not. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

Customized spark.iss file for Inno Setup

Sorry for responsing late.

I have used innosetup to pack the spark.ex successfully.