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Installing Debian source files over dpkg install


I’ve got a working install however I can’t seem to see my users in any “buddy” list and saw the bug post. I want to use a nightly build but am not sure which files to replace?

Can someone point the way in the right direction?



Ok - I’ve copied the /var/lib/ files, the /usr/share/ files and all .sql files to corresponding locations. I still don’t have my user listed in my client app… Ideas?

Why not just install the Debian package for the nightly build?

http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/browse/OPENFIRE-NIGHTLYDEB-739/artifact/shared/ Project-Debian-distribution-files/

Didn’t know there was one!!! :wink: Thank you.

Well - I’ve deleted everything and tried to start fresh with that nightly and I’m getting admin console wierdness. The admin console starts although I can’t connect to the server with my client. I have a feeling the user permissions are screwy. Should everything installed be owned by an openfire user or root?

Should be owned by whoever Openfire is running as - Sounds like that’s the ‘openfire’ user.

Anything in error.log when you try to connect? Does the client give you a specific error?

The client simply doesn’t connect. The server admin doesn’t display any available plugins to install and doesn’t restart the http server like it should after creating my keys?

I am on my 20th complete ditch and re-install effort here… ugh - I started this upgrade from 3.7.0 yesterday afternoon and am still working on it. I have to get it going before my 200 users arrive on Monday.

Are there any errors in the logs? Have you uninstalled Openfire, made sure everything is wiped out (stuff that dpkg may not remove), then installed the new version?

Do you have a backup of your old environment? Depending what your database is, you usually just need to install the new version and copy in the conf/openfire.xml file that tells it what database to use. If you are using embedded database, you would need to restore that also.

Nothing in the logs, once I recreate the certificates, restart the http server as required and my client connects. However I still don’t see my users/buddies and the admin website will not reload.

This extremely frustrating - I wish I would have left everything as it was. I however forgot to backup the 3.7.0 init.d/openfire script.

Basically the server admin doesn’t deliver any data to the website request.

You can still download 3.7.0 http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/download-landing.jsp?file=openfire/openf ire_3.7.0_all.deb

Well - something has happened that isn’t ok. I am connecting but still cannot see any users after downgrading back to 3.7.1. I am not sure why none of my ldap users can see each other?

Sure you’re running 3.7.1 and there were no leftovers from 3.8.0?

Yep - I stopped all processes and removed rm -Rf all directories. Then recopied my backup 3.7.1 files back to their original location.

Perhaps there is something in the LDAP configuration that I changed with all of these different installs?

It’s Monday AM and my users are still unable to see each other…