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Installing openfire 3.4.5 on FC6web server

When I initially downloaded the openfire 3.4.5 RPM package my system asked to install using software installer, which I did. Then I had to manually start the app, then going to http://localhost:9090 using my browser the admin consol login screen came up. But no password, and nowhere on the net to find one.

Next step, I uninstalled the package then downloaded it again to save to my Downloads folder where it currently sits waiting.

What I would like to know is whether there is an installer manual available to step me through properly installing and configuring openfire, especially this time using MySQL is the database, without having to spend hours searching the net for every little thing that comes up.

No offence intended. It seems to me that this is THE XMPP server, but an easily accessible Quick Start manual would make life a lot easier.

Thanks in advance,


Answering my own question, as above I had uninstalled openfire but then with no reply despite a lot of views I thought something must be happening at this end. So I reinstalled from the RPM and started up as instructed, except this time my browser took me to the initial configuration page rather than the log-in page.

So, everything is working.

Thanks for your patience with a noob.