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Installing Openfire (4.2.0-alpha) and OFMeet (0.9.1)

This video is a recording of me, creating a new Amazon EC2 image, on which I install Openfire and OFMeet. In a few simple steps, this results in your private web conference service!

Please note that for the sake of brevity, I’ve taken a few shortcuts. This video is intended as a demo that you can use to base your own process on. Don’t blindly follow these instructions, without giving thought to security, interoperability and performance.

ofmeet-installation-on-ec2.mkv (45.6 MB)

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Great tutorial

Where is the link of the video? I cannot find it

Thank you

Got lost in the process of migrating the forums. Maybe Guus still have it somewhere, but i’m not sure if Discourse allows attaching such huge videos.

I happen to have it saved to my disk. But it is 45 MB and this forum allows only 40000 KB… @akrherz maybe we can make it 50 or something? Also, it might be better to attach it to the first post (i can probably edit it and attach when the limit is higher, if Guus doesn’t have it).

Speedy on groupchat give me the vídeo ill try to follow the vídeo jumping the part of e2c
Thank you