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Installing openfire on a fedora 6 Linux server

I installed openfire on a fedora Linux server remotely using SSH and I starter

openfire but I could not get to the openfire web-based setup wiz to configure

it any one has any idea.

It looks like you have iptables firewall enforced.

Simply switch it off (/etc/init.d/iptables stop) and try again.

And then what should I do just go to (IP address:9090) or put something

else in the browser to get to the control panel? and how can I star the firewall if start it ?



you may want to keep your firewall running or start it with “/etc/rc.d/init.d/iptables start” if you did stop it.

As you are using SSH you should be able to tunnel port port 9090 and that’s likely the better option. Putty/Windows allows to configure this, and also “man ssh” will display how to enable this.


I am a beginner in Linux and Linux commands I installed openfire on a windows

server it was very easy I had no problem with it, I have no idea what you are

talking about regarding man ssh it seems that is very hard to configure using command



I have changed the server to windows it is much easier I installed openfire with no problem it is working fine now.