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Installing openfire on localhost [problem]

Hi !

I was going to test openfire in ubuntu linux on VM worksattion

the installation proccess is quite easy but after the installtion has been completed

i wasn’t able to log in administrartion console

I am using MYSQL 5

username : admin@example.com

password: admin

and io got this error :Login failed: make sure your username and password are correct and that you’re an admin or moderator.

the databsae has been created right

i had search for any tips on this site , chaning the username and many others

none of them was helpfull

I had attached my openfire.xml in case it would help.

any ideas ???

openfire.xml (1781 Bytes)


did you restart Openfire after the installation?


PS: There are important announcements on http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/index.jspa which seems to be missed by a lot of new users.

Hi !

many thanks for pointing me to this bug

to be honest i had test it in Hsql version of the server and its working as expected but

once i will be @ office

but I will try restart and let you know what will show up

although i had restart it every time i edit the openfire.xml

thanks again


Hi ,

Thanks you very much

i had reinstall it from scratch again and its working

Thank you very much for your help

Can we instll Open fire on Windows 2003 Server?? is so can u send me the steps please.

Hi Kasen ,

I guess the installation guide will help you , if you still stuck i can give you a hand


Hi @tawfekov

I have tryed to install useing the guild . but i’m unable to log in to the admin console or the configuration. if you can see the screen shot attached.

please help…

Hi !

I am sorry

I had already installed it in windows xp although I had no experience with windows server

sorry but did you met all the requirements , make sure you don’t deny port 9090 and restart the service

FYI the openfire.xml could be found in "C:\Program Files\Openfire\conf "


its working now … Thank you very much…

for your help