Installing Spark 2.5.8 on Fedora 14


I’m trying to use Spark 2.5.8 on Fedora 14 and getting this masseage every time i’m trying to execute: ‘./Spark’

[root@flezcano Spark]# ./Spark
testing JVM in /home/ferlezcano/dev/Spark/jre …
ls: can’t access to /home/ferlezcano/dev/Spark/lib/windows: Directory doens’s exist

So, i know that ‘windows’ directory doesn’t exist, but i don’t know what to do…

Hope i can find some help…


This is an old issue. Wonder is it still in the current source code. Can you try a tar.gz version of 2.6.0 RC1? Just unpack it and Spark script should be inside.

simply create that directory and you’re done, I had same issue with 2.5.8 under Ubuntu 10.10