Installing sparkweb


i have installed sparkweb by unzipping the tarball into

I can access the flash page and try to login but it tells me “Not authorized. Please try again” each time I attempt to login. In the server dropdown it shows the default of as well, even though I edited the SparkWeb.html to use my domain.

Any idea on what I need ot do to get this to work?

I saw no documentation on sparkweb so I am hoping someone can help.



you need to edit the html file for the specifics of your openfire server.

That seems to be part of it…

OK - So I configured it like this:

function jive_sparkweb_getConfig()
return {
server: “”,
connectionType: “https”,
port: “1476”,
autoLogin: “false”,
bindPath: “/http-bind/”

What settings on the server properties screen do I have to set?

What ports do I open via the admin interface do I need to configure on pages like:

  • ssl-settings.jsp

  • http-bind.jsp


There seems to be more than just setting the config section in SparkWeb.html

I wonder why there is no solid documentation on this sparkweb feature.


I do not believe that your connection type is valid. I should be socket (unreliable) or http-bind with the appropriate ports configured.

How do I set it to http bind?

What do you mean “appropriate ports”?

Do you have sparkweb working? Can you tell me which places in the admin panel I need to set?

I’d love nothing more than to get this working and then document it for others too. It seems to be that there would at least be a detailed document saying which things need to be set, etc.

Any help is totally appreciated.


Can anyone help ?

Anyone at Igniterealtime perhaps?

Is there a way to pay for support? I don’t know how else to get a response, which really shouldnt be needed given that there’s no documentation on this feature.

If you look hard enough at you will usually find what you are looking for

Check out SparkWeb documentation at


But those documents only talk about editing the files on the web server and not the server settings:

What is meant by “appropriate ports”?

What places in the admin panel do I need to set?

The only place in Admin Console is http-bind.jsp. You will enable http-bind and set the same port as in the SparkWeb configuration file. SSL is not supported in SparkWeb yet.

That is if you want to use http-bind. With socket connection you dont need to do anything in the Admin Console.