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Installing Wildfire in Windows 2003 - Admin console not launching

Hi all,

I’'m installing Wildfire Server on a Windows 2003 machine. When the installation wizard finishes, I mark “run wildfire now” and the console window pop ups, showing the log:

Wildfire 2.6.2

Admin console listening at:



When I press the “Launch admin” button a Internet Explorer window navigates to the url http://localhost:9090/index.html and does not load anything.

I know it should detect that I’'m installing the browser for first time, and redirect to in order to finish the initial server configuration but it doesn’'t.

I have not tested to navigate manually to that url (and I will not have access to that server until tomorrow) but anyway, what can be happening?

I’'m running the willdfire 2.6.2 installer which includes the JRE (so the machine does NOT have JRE already installed).

Thanks in advance,


Hmm, that sounds very odd…I’'ve installed it fresh on a Win2k3 server recently, and had no problems with the admin console.

Try changing the .html at the end to .jsp, see if that helps anything…

Timothy Collett


do you see errors in your c:\program files\wildfire\logs*.log files?


It’'s most likely the IE security settings with IE.

Add the http://localhost to the Trusted Sites Zone.

Thanks Craig, that was it!