Installing wildfire on solaris 10 pc

i was downloading the recent version of wildfire server so i can install it in a solaris 10 pc in school. i have to do this so i don’‘t have to bring a windows pc/laptop with me in order to run a wildfire server (you can assume that i’‘m a windows user if you want). here’'s the problem…

i tried downloading the tar file from the “Cross Platform” download but when i unpacked it, it was corrupted (i also tried downloading the tar file from the “Linux” download but it’'s corrupted as well). so i downloaded the zip file from the same platform and unpacked it. the problem is whenever i run the wildfire (the one in the bin directory), i got an error message saying it cannot run the binary file.

i looked up the installation guide but it seems that the guide is outdated.

i’‘m very much new to solaris so i’'m pretty much trying to grasp the system for a short time. any help would be appreciated.

thanks a lot.