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Instant message - text to sound module?


Does anyone have any idea how I might create a text to sound module in openfire?

I would like this to work so that a wav file was created by converting the text into sound and then both the text and sound pushed to the client by the server.

Thanks in a dvance for any pointers


On my freebsd server I can pipe plain text via the stdin to produce a .wav file. How could I integrate that into openfire in a way that openfire then transmits the wav to the client so it activates the client’s sound system each time text is received by the client. I am not new to coding but am a java rookie so finding my way around the sources is not easy. A plugin approach would be great. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I know what is needed but do not know how to do it

I am using sparkweb for the client.

Sparkweb client will need a sound on/off control.