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Instant messaging from unmanaged applications


I would like to use a OpenFire-Spark system to send alerts to user by SQL Server instance.

How could I accomplish this?

thanks in advance

Write an application using Smack to connect to OpenFire from your SQLServer and send the alerts to the appropriate user, either user to user (where one user is the server) or via a chatroom. If you don’t have any Java expertise, there are other client libraries available in most popular programming languages to accomplish the same thing.

Hallo, I was more looking to a scriptable client. I actually have no need for conversations back from users, just a monodirectional alerting.

Since I’m using the same SQL Server instance as backend for Openfire too, is it suitable and affordable to insert messages directly via T-SQL in the Openfire tables?

My needs are very simple: whenever a value is inserted over a threshold, an alert is triggered with a message like “The value xx for the event yy is invalid”. I’m comfortable with programming, but it seems quite a wide turn to me to write down a client just to accomplish this.

I would not alter the tables directly, that is unlikely to work and will more likely cause issues with the OpenFire server. As for whether you can accomplish this with Spark alone, I don’t know, but the client I am talking about would be very simple for your use case, probably no more than 20 or 30 lines of code for the connect and send portion.

Yes I agree with you, I had a more careful look at the API you mentioned and some other similar ones.

Actually I’d prefer coding a MSSQL extended procedure, hence I could use C/C++ APIs only.

Anyway, thanks for your precious support.