Integrated Email client with Spark

Hello All,

I have just started using openfire to understand the voice/chat/email functionalities offered by it.

For chat I used the spark client, it provide almost all of functionalities which are required for chat.

I also enabled the email plugin and it started working without any difficulty, messages were delivered to all users configured in the group on their spark client as a broadcast message. Is there any email clients integrated with spark avaialable which display the emails in the fashion as shown in OUTLOOK etc mail clients, so that user can reply for the incoming mails to the sender using the email client and for chat user uses the spark client.


Rajat Verma

If i remember well, the latest Thunderbird version has an XMPP client out of the box.

I understand Thunderbird can be integrated with openfire for chat functionality using xmpp, but is it possible to forward incoming mails from openfire to thunderbird email client??

I want to provide an email + chat interface to users connected to openfire.

Spark client fullfill the chat interface requirement.

But for a simple mail interface requirement I am not getting any lead, as openfire creates a string for incoming email and broadcast it as a chat message to every user. Its like just listening for mails using java mail apis, reading contents, creating string by appending subject, from address, body etc and broadcasting as a chat messages to the users connected to it.


Rajat Verma