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Integrating Spark with existing my sql server database

Hello All,

I have a website and 4000 registered users. I want to install Spark as a chat client for my website. I am using MySQL database and I have all the registered users in that database. How can I call that database for the existing users to login through Spark?

Can someone please help with the set up and integration to start with?

You can reach me at :

Email - kannayash@gmail.com

Mobile - 571-439-9466.



Spark is an XMPP client and needs and XMPP server to work with. It might be possible to use your database with an XMPP server through a hybrid provider, but that can be tricky. Can’t help with that though.

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So, I install XMPP server and add my database details in the properties file to connect to the database. Is that a right way to connect to my own database?

In theory, yes. But i don’t know how to do this exactly and that might be more complicated than just pointing Openfire to your website’s database.

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My apologies for any confusion above.

I want my users to install Spark on their system. Behind the scenes I want spark to connect to the existing MySql database through OpenFire XMPP server. I hope this is do able? Isn’t it?

I understood it this way the first time. So my reply still valid. I just can’t help with configuring Hybrid Provider as i never did it and don’t know how to do it. There is this guide though Openfire: Custom Database Integration Guide

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I’m not sure if you’ve seen this Stack Overflow question, but it might help as well. I will admit that I only skimmed it, but it might be worth a read. (Side note: The person who asked the question was using SHA-1. Don’t use SHA-1.)

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