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Integrating Windows LDAP and Jive

I’‘m totally new to Jabber, and I have a rudimentary understanding of LDAP/AD. I put the following code into the XML file and when I do I cannot log into the administrator console and my user cannot sign in (using the GAIM client). All of this works fine when I don’'t use LDAP. Can anyone point out any major issues with my setup? What the admin login becomes when you use LDAP, and what to put into the fields in GAIM?

This too took me along time.

I would guess that it is most likely your adminDN. This is just a username that has authorization to read the ldap directory. Try changing the username field to samaccountname. Then, change adminDN to admin@domain.com. Don’‘t use spaces as they are not recognized. At least I have not been able to get them to work. If you are then able to login to the console check and see if your users show up. If they don’‘t change the baseDN to dc=rainiernet;dc=com. That should work. Then add more dn’‘s and OU’'s to get to whre you want to be. Let me know if that works. Here is my working config

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For your AdminDN and BaseDN, change the semi-colons to commas. Also, you might be able to simplify things if anonymous users can query LDAP- if so get rid of the amdinDN and adminPassword. Also, I dont think Active Directory uses the uid field for usernames, does it? I think you want sAMAccountName. Or are you using OpenLDAP or something else?


i have worked a lot on my AD ldap setup this week.

i just posted my conf xml file

hope it helps.


Points would be appreciated!