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Integration Problem (Openldap - Openfire)

Helo to everyone!!!

I have a problem with integration bettewn Openldap and Openfire. The question is the integration works fine until some point:

First following the wizard to set the Openldap authentication when I type the DN Base, rootdn and rootpw and test the connection seens to work without problem, but when I pass to the next step to set the mapping, if I do the test I see the error connection.( appears a message with the following words: Couldn’t find any user with this filter settings check you base DN). OK!!! If I go to the next step " group mapping " and made the same test a recived the same message, but going to choose the adm user and typing an user that I know in openldap base the system accept the user a typed and doing the test with this user I received an OK!!! So!!! This is more eard for me. Using the user that I set as adm of Openfire service to logon-on in console admin and click at the Users/Groups in this list the system isn’t showing any user but in the same page is showing the numbers of users have in Openldap. This is happening when I try to see the groups I have. I attached a screenshot. My server was configuired as Portugue-BR.

If have any one who can help me with this???