IntelliJ License for Openfire Open Source Project

I’m big on using Eclipse for Openfire dev but wanted to use IntelliJ instead. Wondering if any of the Contributors on any of the Ignite projects have applied for an IntelliJ license?

I believe there is a freeware version, unless you need some features of the paid one. I have tried IntelliJ, but found it to be as heavyweight as Netbeans and couldn’t make it work with GitHub, so i’m using Eclipse for ~2 months and it sufficient for my very very limited development needs

Leon Roy,

Indeed, we have applied for one and gotten one in the past. Holger Bergunde maintains that license for us.


What’s wrong with the free Community Edition? I am using it for OS projects (also Openfire) and I am very happy with it.

The Ultimate edition has significantly broader language and framework support. I’ve been working on a plugin with Spring, Hibernate, Maven all used within it and it seems only Ultimate supports Spring/Hibernate.