Interbase/Firebird DataBase support

We have installed a Firebird v2

We have modified to datebase build procedure -> Seems ok.

The only problem is that Wildfire use as fields some reserved words in Firebird such as password

The solution is when doing any sql… just put fields name under quote ex: select “username”,“password” from jiveusers instead of select username, password from jiveusers.

Could somebody help me to do that???

Thank you by advance


may I ask where you see problems? “password” is used just in two tables so it should be very easy to modify the Wildfire source files and compile it. But it may be more easy to use another column name instead to escape password with “password” as " within a String in Java is something which also must be escaped.


It should also very easy for Jivesoftware to create database update scripts and change the “password” column to “passwd” or something else so the main release could be made compatible with Firebird.


The problem is no experience in Compiling Java or modifying java sources…

for info we are running under Windows.

Where could I find a way to do it?

Thank you by advance


there is the Wiki document which describes how to compile it. As java sources are text files everyone should be able to modify them (;

Jivesoftware defines the SQL queries usually within the first lines of the file so a quick search for *.java with content “password” should show you the classes which you may need to change.


Thank you for info.

Where Can I Find latest source of Wildfire 3.1.1 Wildfire_src_???

Thank you