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Interest in updating Openfire's MUC implementation?


I was messing around today trying to write some MUC admin stuff from my bot client. I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out why some of my iq commands were not working based on the XEP-0045 spec. It turns out the openfire’s MUC implementation is being very long in the tooth At one point, the xmlns changed for certain activities.


So, anybody interesting in helping to update Openfire’s MUC implementation? Maybe the devs would comment on if they would take a patch to get openfire updated to the current MUC spec?


Unless I’m mistaken, this is still unaddressed.

Seems like people have mentioned it since at least 2006.

Any chance Openfire will ever address this issue?

I would think updating to match spec would be pretty important.

Everyone seems to discover this issue after banging their head against the wall for a while.

And then they have to write their own workarounds.