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I am trying to build a web-based, live webcam teaching seminary. We want to take our local site and extend it. Our band width is some what limited. We plan to push 1 video to mulitple clients and sound to multiple clients and give those multiple clients the chance to speak back. example “Professor I have a question” Now, we have a site here that has a T1 (barely beeing used) So I think what I want to do, is build openfire on the server with the T1, put up a server with the connection manager module at the remote locations (with multiple desktops) that way we push one video out to the T1, who pushes it back to the multiple connection manager sites with multiple clients, or 2 videos out, to multiple connection managers with multiple clients. can that help aliviate bandwidth does that have an advantage? When i say multiple clients I man 5-20 clients but when I say limited band width I mean 1.2 - 1.5 meg down steam (up stream I dunno 1kb MAYBE) What I am looking to do is one web-cam voip session to multiple clients is Spark and openfire my answer?