Interesting bug: backwards/reverse typing

One of our windows users just observed an interesting bug. They came in the morning and had a window that had been left open. When they began to type their cursor stayed to the left of the input area and the characters expanded to the right in reverse order. It would have been something like this:






The proceeded to type several messages back and forth with me (mine weren’'t backwards, only theirs was). After closing and re-opening the chat window on their end the problem went away.

Basically the text would move to the right instead of the cursor, the cursor stayed glued to the left side of the input and they thus were unintentionally typing backwards. No other programs displayed this behavior and closing/reopening the chat window on their end solved it.

Rather interesting bug, anyone have any ideas about it ? I couldn’'t find anything in the forums. Spark 1.0.3 and Wildfire 2.4.1 are being used.

Thanks !


Same thing happens to my chat window if I switch to the microsoft Japanese IME to try and type in Japanese. After I switch back to English input I have the same problem.

I would like to add that the user in question has not switched any input methods and has always left his machine in en_US (as far as I know).



I had this happen to a user today. The only thing they were doing that might have been out of the ordinary was that they were messing around with their display properties.

Spark 1.1.1 Wildfire 2.4.4

Restart fixed it.

Found this thread through a Google search… I guess I’'d be considered a user, so I hope this is not innappropriate.

I get this anywhere from once to three or four times a week. I’'m online basically all day (7-5, M-F) where I work and I usually have these programs running on Windows XP:

Media Player 10

Mozilla Firefox

Procomm Plus/Telnet windows emulator (to run our company’'s point of sale/inventory program)

I used to run MS Messenger and Trillian, but don’'t any longer (never got any work done), but I never experienced the problem in chat, only in Firefox. It usually shows itself on a public forum ( discussion board) but generally, when it happens, it happens in any Firefox tab I may have open (ex: disscusion board in one tab, Gmail in the other)

Very frustrating. Closing the browser does not usually help… even though the browser ‘‘closes’’ the program is still running and I have to open the program manager to manually shut the program down that way. After doing that, its usually cleared up. If I’‘ve used the word ‘‘usually’’ too many times, its because there’'s never any set pattern as to when it happens… not that I can determine anyway.

Thanks in advance…

Stacy King