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Interesting UserNotFoundException during high load under Roster.java

Hello everyone,

During my benchmark tests, I noticed that openfire can “miss” the user and throw an exception. Despite the user is present on server, when multiple clients try to subscribe/send messages to a specific user, the java app will throw the exception.

Under normal conditions, I do not face this error. Isn’t it really interesting?

Here’s the related error:

This is the code where error stems from:

Any idea why this could be the case? Why can’t openfire app cannot find the user?

Thank you in advance

Thanks, could you mention how you are benchmarking and is the benchmarking over TCP:5222 or Bosh?

I’m using the regular TCP 5222 without SSL. It’s really interesting. In my case, I have 100 sender clients on an application, 10 other receiver clients on another application. Each 10 sender sends 50 messages rapidly & concurrently (no delay/software sleeps between messages) to a matching receiver client.

When the message count is low, I don’t get this error. I’m using the embedded db provided by the openfire container.

By the way, sender and receiver applications reside on another container on the same host machine with openfire container.

I’m wondering if there’s a problem reading the item from the embedded DB. Couldn’t find any solution, so wanted to ask here.

Any help is appreciated. Hope it will help other folks as well who might encounter the same issue.