International language coding inquiry

Does anybody know …

Flie Transfer Settings and Spellchecker, ROAR, OTR Messaging, Taskbar Flashing, Codecs these setting items contained inside of detail set i18n coding why?

In addition, due to the current version of the Spark 2.7.3 Notification and ROAR have some changes need to ask i18n coding Display Time this setting.

Trouble you, thank you

Does anybody know what …?

I don’t understand your question.

If you see something not translated in your language, then someone should provide a translation or an updated translation file. We can’t translate Spark to all world languages on our own. Personally i only update English and Lithuanian as i know these languages.

I mean …

Spark preferences, there are some items are not the source code can be translated into Chinese,

So ask how those features will not provide the source code translation out?

Currently Chinese language has been translated for the majority, but also directly translated into Chinese from English language source code, but the source code but not the English who attribute setting function, so ask if you know.

It has yet to find the source code of the property:

  1. Spellchecker

  2. ROAR

  3. OTR Messaging

  4. Taskbar Flashing

  5. Codecs

I ask whether these are dead code can not be translated to write it?

Thank you for your reply

If i understand you right, you are saying that when you change your language to Chinese, these menus in Preferences are in English. This is because there is no i18n Chinese translation files for those plugins. See:

Spark/src/plugins/otr/src/resources/i18n at master · igniterealtime/Spark · GitHub

These are translation files for OTR plugin. It has default English one and 4 more languages (you can switch to Deutsch or French and see that it is translated). There is no Chinese file in there. That’s why it is showing in English for you. When there is no translation file, it shows English one (so it won’t just show an empty spot). If you want this to be translated, provide us i18n files for these plugins with Chinese translations.

Hello wroot :

Thank you for your guidance, it has been translated into Chinese of some functions.

But some parts still need to ask you:

  1. ROAR、Transfer Guard
    These two characters setting function shown in the list can not be translated into Chinese

  2. Codecs

This function code can be translated into Chinese it passive? Looking for a long time did not find

Sorry to trouble you have to help, Thank you very much

ROAR has no translation for its name, because it is a personal name of this plugin, like Spark. Spark should be called Spark in native languages, it shouldn’t be translated.

Transfer Guard currently doesn’t have a translation line for it’s name. I will look into this later, but can’t promise i will be able to add this.

Codecs translation is buried in the SIP plugins translations: /jivesoftware/spark/plugin/phone/resourc…

I have just added i18n translation string for Transfer Guard name in the Preferences list. It is available in 275 and newer builds (Ignite Realtime: Spark Nightly Builds ). So it now can be translated into Chinese. c/resources/i18n

The string is

guard.settings.title.list = Transfer Guard

Hello wroot :

Thank you for your patience reply to my question.

Currently I have translated Codecs also download the latest version of Spark 2.7.3 727 do Transfer Guard to do the translation, but Transfer Guard in the list still can not become a Chinese name.

I may be wrong in some places, so you look at the screenshot to:

In addition, we need to ask you to:

Spark whether clients can use the voice calls for dialogue it?

Bother your reply. Thank you


Attach your here (press “Use advanced editor” in the top right and then “Attach”), i will try adding it to Spark myself.

Currently voice chat support in Spark is broken and there is no clue when it will be working (nobody is currently working on fixing it).

Hello Wroot:

The file has been attached to the bottom of this reply, and then help you view, thank you

Crystal. (1234 Bytes)

This wasn’t working for your probably because you haven’t built the plugins themselves. Building only Spark doesn’t build changes in plugins, so you have to run build-plugins Ant task first. I have added your translation for Transfer Guard into Spark’s source ( You can find this translation in the latest nightly build (729): Ignite Realtime: Spark Nightly Builds

Thanks for the translation

Hello wroot :

Thank you for your reply to my many questions.

How can I offer Spark and other plug-ins Chinese source code to you do?

Thank you


The ideal way would be to make a PR with your changes on GitHub, so i would only have to approve it. But that’s could be too much for you. Another way would be to provide a diff patch with your changes, so it could be applied to the source. Again, you would have to know how to generate a diff. So, a third way it just attach updated translation files here and i will copy them over the old ones and apply to the source.

Hello wroot:

Attached to the bottom for the Spark Chinese source program, plug in turn attached.

spark.jar (4136917 Bytes)

Hello wroot:

Spark plug is attached to the bottom of the source program.

roar.jar (43234 Bytes)
flashing.jar (24871 Bytes)

Hello wroot:

Spark plug is attached to the bottom of the source program.

spelling-plugin.jar (2612935 Bytes)
sparkphone.jar (2177192 Bytes)
otrplug.jar (1777971 Bytes)
jingle.jar (1269740 Bytes)

Hey, i need translation files (i18n) not the jar files.

Hello wroot:

Translation file attached below。

Crystal. (16819 Bytes)

Hello wroot:

Translation file attached below.

Crystal (528 Bytes)