Internationalization of strings

Hello, we are currently evalutaing Fastpath and so far it seems good, a few small hickups and a little technical setup, but now I think I am about 90% finished.

The problem I am facing is that I want the client side, or the web interface to be completely norwegian. This is almost possible trough the web admin but for instance the $ produces text like “less than 1 minute” and this I cannot translate, also there is some java script on the “X Close” button that produces text like “Are you sure you want to end your session?”. How can I translate these?

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Stian B. Barmen / /

The webchat stuff you could change in the .jsp files directly. As far as the minute translation, that is pulled from the language settings of Wildfire. How would you like to do a Norwegian translation ? Some details can be found here : 0

If you wanted you could just hack up the English properties file with your Norwegian translations.



Yes, I might do that. Always fun to do some translating