Internet vs lan- routing problems


i installed a server in one of my pcs lan

so i was testing my client with the server and all worked fine until i tryed to use the adsl server computer

i get a XMPPException because i can not route the server

it’‘s obviously it’'s looking for it in the internet and not in the lan… is there anything i could do to solve it?

as i create the XMPPConnection objet i use 2 parameters (“pc-elias”,5222)

if i finally start my server program on the internet in my server at “”… i will obviously name it “”… smack will trace the way to it with no problem… is it not so?

what would happen if i try to connect to an ip?, like

myCon= new XMPPConnection(“”,5222);

is iot possible at all?

would my server have to be called “”?

i mean if my JIDs would be like "elfepe@"

many, many doubts



If I try to find the url = in the Internet I get host not found! That’‘s why smack don’'t find the route too the server.

When you give a server name to Smack, it try to find the ip in the internet and connect to that ip. If your computer can’‘t find the ip, he can’'t connect to it.

If is a local name in your lan network, try to configure a dns server for the lan!

Nuno Agapito

that’'s the real URL without errors

anyway i tryed to say the server is still not available in the internet… i ask myself aboaut the config stuff i will have to set.

the server is running on a pc named “pc-elias” and it’'s servername is also setted to “pc-elias”

the only problem is for me to access the jabber server located in pc-elias from a computer wich has one way out to the dsl connection and another to the lan… the request seem to be sent to the internet and not to the lan…

how should i configure that pc to connecto to my server in pc-elias?



Probably you may have to put the ip address in the server name!

Maybe that’‘s because when you give the url your network connections try to find the ip, only one of the network connections have the dns server configured. That’'s right the dsl connection!

Has I said, if you configure a dns server in your lan and configure your lan network connection with the dns server, when you try to connect to the server, it will try to find the route for the server in the two connections and not only in the internet connection!

About the server, I don’‘t know what server you are running, but, I think that the name of the server in the configuration don’'t need to be the same of the machine! If you name it “” and try to connect to your JID will be independently of the name of the computer be pc-elias!

I hope I had been helpful!

Nuno Agapito