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Invalid OSGi manifest in 4.0.0-rc1

Congratulations… The new 4.0.0-rc1 version looks much better, but unfortunately the OSGi community is still unable to use Smack properly. The correct “Bundle-Version” in the manifest file must be “4.0.0.rc1” not “4.0.0-rc1”. A dash is disallowed in this entry and invalidates your bundles. Please refer to: http://www.osgi.org/Download/File?url=/download/r5/osgi.core-5.0.0.pdf.

Please fix it.

The correct “Bundle-Version” in the manifest file must be “4.0.0.rc1” not “4.0.0-rc1”.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Thanks for the fix…

There is still a little problem caused by Eclipse PDE. For PDE development (frequently used for OSGi) you have to modify all manifest files by hand. You must add “Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI: true” to “smack-core-x.x.x” and “Eclipse-PatchFragment: true” to all fragments. That is very annoying, but otherwise Eclipse does not allow fragment package export. Well I know, it is an Eclipse-specific, but from my side, it would be really helpful, if all bundles would carry these extensions.

Maybe you add these entries or discuss it internally.

Thanks again. Fixed with https://github.com/Flowdalic/Smack/commit/5a196685442d25d274acb2ce422965b59c879b b8

Feel free to test. This version contains also the fix to throw SSLSocket.startHandshake exceptions on connect().