Invalid response to OfferRequestPacket

I’m currently using smack API 4.1.1 (particularly smack-legacy-4.1.1 with workgroup API).

When OfferRequestPacket is received smack responds to it with the following packets:

11:56:36 AM RECV (0): cqvUzAtRuDVisitorNot Specifieddev@workgroup. oup=dev@workgroup.

11:56:36 AM SENT (0):

11:56:36 AM SENT (0):

IQ with type ERROR is sent because there is no registered IQRequestHandler for such packets (see source code of AbstractXMPPConnection#invokePacketCollectorsAndNotifyRecvListeners).

IQ with type RESULT is sent because there is one registered asyncRecvListener (org.jivesoftware.smackx.workgroup.agent.AgentSession listens for OfferRequestPacket).

IQ with type ERROR must not be send. Please, confirm and create issue in your bugtracker for this.

P.S. The same situation appears with OfferRevokePacket.

Thanks for reporting: SMACK-664

Note that smack-legacy is more or less orphaned code.

I’ve uploaded Smack 4.1.2-SNAPSHOT, could you try and report back if it fixes your issue?

Sorry, but where can I find smack 4.1.2-SNAPSHOT?

Here Ignite Realtime: Smack API Nightly Builds I didn’t find anything. Or may be you want me to build smack from source?