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Invalid username or Password

Hello,everyone! There is a problem when i used spark in some computers. All can run fine except two.Some user when join in SPARK,enter the login and pass was read the ERROR.Invalid username or Password.but username and password are right.I can login successful using this account on other computer. Their OS are Windows xp hom edition sp3. The others is Windows xp professional sp3.In this OS, Spark can run fine.I do not know is related with the operating system. Anyone can help me,Tks!

Maybe those computers with Home are not connected to domain/workgroup or cant resolve your server’s name or something. Hard to tell. I guess there are not many people using it on XP Home. You can try pressing the Advanced button on Spark’s login screen and put your server’s IP address into host field. And then use your server’s name in the server filed on the login screen.

Thank you! I hava tried the method you said! But it’s the same result! I think it is related to the System which is XP Home.

can you provide more details. Is the server on a domain? Is the server bound to LDAP? Can the Home computers ping the openfire server? etc

In the Openfire settings,I choosed the first option-initial settings,but not the LDAP.When I ping the server on Home computers, it can receive packages from the server.