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Inverse and Pàdé integration

Hello gentlemen,

I have Openfire 4.6 installed on my server with inVerse, Pàdé, etc.
According to the openfire documentation, inVerse was developed by Guus der Kinderen
and Pàdé by Dele_Olajide.

In the Pàdé v1.3.0 documentation, Mr Claude_stabile added the site https://swisschat.free-solutions.org/
where there is access to the PADE CONVERSE application, which is an integration of Inverse (based on Converse) with Pàdé.

My question is:
How to integrate Inverse with Pàdé?
What are the procedures?

Thank you for your attention,


Note - This text was translated by google.

For a desktop experience, you install the Pàdé browser extension from the Google Chrome app store or Microsoft Edge app store. For a web or progressive web app experience, you install the pade.jar plugin and access (by default: https://your_server:7443/pade) from your favorite desktop or mobile web browser

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