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Inverse does not update eu.siacs.conversations.axolotl.devicelist

it no matters if user comes from WAN or LAN, when user uses inverse the eu.siacs.conversations.axolotl.devicelist is not being updated.
Openfire creates a eu.siacs.conversations.axolotl.bundles properly but does not update the devicelist.
It remains like it was, meaning the bundle with its number is there but not in the device list.
Even after a log out and re-login.

First idea was it would cause through the reverse proxy but after bypassing the reverse proxy I got the same result.
User is coming in via 443, the FW translates to 7443 to the OF directly.
HTTP BIND works, BOSH enabled, CORS enabled.

No errors in the logs of openfire.

Many errors in console of the browser:
.well-known/host-meta Failed due to cors policy and 404

Error occured while querying archived messages

Error code 500 internal server error when joing MUC

Appriciate any help

Openfire’s inVerse plugin, which adds the third party web client Converse to Openfire, does not include the libsignal plugin for Converse to enable OMEMO end-to-end encryption. The libsignal plugin is distributed under a software license that prevents us from bundling it in the Openfire plugin.

If you want to use OMEMO with Converse (please be aware of these caveats), then you will have to install Converse separately / outside of Openfire.