Inverse no OMEMO Encryption

Hi @ all!

Today i installed openfire with external DB and the Plugin inverse. Is there a way to encrypt messages with omemo like on conversejs?

The inVerse plugin for Openfire does not ship with the OMEMO extension for Converse due to a licensing incompatibility.

Too bad. so there is no way to implement it by my self?

You can fork the code and add the library yourself. Should not be to hard.

Thanks. i just cloned the git project into folder “3rdparty” and edited HEAD of index.html
<script src="3rdparty/libsignal-protocol-javascript/dist/libsignal-protocol.js"></script>


I’ve forked inverse and tried to add

<script src=" "></script>

into head of index.html but the lock icon does not appear in the chatboxes… any suggestions? or is it a bug in converse itself?

Do your recipients support OMEMO encryption?

yes it should… i use conversations and jsxc (latest)
but maybe it has to do with my newly created thread: