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Invisible Members in Group Chat

Morning All:

Our company recently deployed Openfire 3.6.4. It was originally setup as a single server with group chat. Two weeks ago, I enabled the clustering plug-in and added an additional server to the environment, while using Windows Load Balancing to evenly distribute the users. We have just noticed an issue,that may or may not have happened before the clustering, where in Group Chat, not all users are “showing” up in the list. I confirmed it, by looking at the total number of users in a specific chat from the admin console, then when I logged in I expected to see that many users plus me. Problem is, I do not “see” all the users, but we can all still chat with each other. Not sure if this is all the conference rooms, or just this one. There is nothing special about this room, its open to everyone, not moderated or locked down etc… Anyone see this? or have any ideas? Any assistance is greatly appreciated…



bump…would love a developors input if possible

would love a developors input if possible

Very unlikely, as we have only a few volunteers developers here, who won’t have enough time, experience and clusters to test this issue. You can tell what client are you using. Is it the same with other clients?

all different clients…Pandion, Pidgin, Spark etc…